Big Data, Small Information

SpeedTrack replaces today’s complex and expensive data analysis, search tools and data warehousing infrastructures with revolutionary technology that makes information discovery possible by all those who need it.


The term Big Data may be new, but SpeedTrack has delivered mission-critical solutions since 2004 to data-driven organizations such as law enforcement and healthcare.


  • SpeedTrack uses a patented step by step guided search methodology.
  • You get 100% guaranteed relevant search results, every time, and never a “nothing found.”
  • Ability to “See and interact with all the Data” as you are performing the searches.
  • SpeedTrack is not a database type search, or strictly a reporting tool.

Advantage #1: Faster, Cost Effective and More Efficient

SpeedTrack technology is built to run faster, cheaper and more efficiently than prevailing solutions. In particular, it greatly reduces the resources needed to manage complex data solutions. SpeedTrack does not require special IT administrators and puts information into the hands of the user, enabling them to perform their own queries, analyses, reporting and data exporting. Reducing reliance on IT personnel to perform these tasks improves user productivity by eliminating latency and the chance for communication error between users and IT.

Advantage #2: Full Dynamic, Guided Navigation – Instant Answers

SpeedTrack delivers fully dynamic guided navigation that displays all the possible answers contained in your data. This patented approach results in searches that only provide positive results — no wasted time searching for answers that are not there. Dynamic navigation allows users to iterate, experiment, and explore data quickly and cheaply. This unique and distinctive functionality sheds light on previously hidden associations enabling the user to make insightful discoveries.

Advantage #3: Ease of Use – Everyone Can Use It

SpeedTrack creates a platform that is designed such that no special technical skills are required. SpeedTrack eliminates the need to structure the data in order for it to be useful and be analyzed. This enables the organization to more quickly and efficiently access and use information, increasing decision making and awareness.

Advantage #4: Greater Awareness, Control and Accuracy of Data – Easily  “See Data Errors”

Since SpeedTrack represents all of the data for the user to see, errors in existing data are easily identified. Also, the transparent nature of the data and resulting associations allow effective and complete data analysis to be performed in spite of minor data inaccuracies that may exist in the source data (a misspelled name for example). Finally, the data transparency combined with the ease of use and interactive nature of SpeedTrack promotes problem identification, critical thinking and problem solving activities.


Our clients say it best…

Without question, this is the most cost effective and efficient technology available. One of the best features is that SpeedTrack doesn't require the replacement of existing systems or databases so there is no disruption to operations.

-JOE BRANN Founding Director of COPS, U.S. Department of Justice

I've used a variety of solutions to analyze OSHPD data over the last 15 years (in-house and purchased). SpeedTrack's ability to rapidly discover answers to complex questions, ease of use and affordability puts it clearly above any other analytical software package.

-MARTIN KLEINBART Chief Strategy Officer, Citrus Valley Health Partners

There is nothing else like SpeedTrack; one has to see it to believe it. It more than pays for itself by providing useful and actionable information in minutes instead of hours or days. Researchers, clinicians, consultants, vendors, strategic planners and performance improvement professionals use SpeedTrack to eliminate guesswork and make decisions based upon facts.

-TOM DOUGHERTY President and CEO, Healthcare Innovators

GIA transforms the complex and difficult to use OSHPD data into a virtual goldmine of information. Organizations can expect to see returns in the 200-300% range within the first 6 months.

-TIM OGATA Health Plan Administrator, TakeCare Asia, Inc.

SpeedTrack is the ideal technology to assist us in fulfilling our commitment to provide students with a meaningful and relevant education. Our healthcare management students will have access to an information database that will help them hone their analytical skills, and offers immediate application in their field. SpeedTrack helps enable out students to be better qualified and credible in the job market.

-DR. STEPHEN DUARTE Academic Program Director, Concordia University

Students found that SpeedTrack has a very user friendly interactive software program for use of OSHPD data. The energy and enthusiasm from the class was tremendous – it was wonderful to see so much excitement among a diverse group of students.

-DR. JANICE FRATES Professor California State University, Long Beach

We spent millions on software, hardware and people to create a system that few people in the organization could use, and was not able to provide the answers we needed. With SpeedTrack, we finally have a technology that is cost effective, usable and useful!

-JOY SCHAEFER Veteran CEO of public companies

I wanted a piece of predicative software that would give me an indication that an officer may be getting in trouble so that the department could intervene in some manner to prevent a serious case of misconduct. SpeedTrack is extraordinary; I think it is one of the most cutting edge pieces of software to ever be developed for police departments – it is incredibly powerful and very fast.

-TIM JACKMAN Former Chief of Police, Santa Monica Police Department

We cut the cost of managing our legacy data by more than 50% using SpeedTrack.

-IT DIRECTOR Regional Police Agency, Ontario, Canada

SpeedTrack condensed weeks of work into quality information in half a day – that’s a huge savings.

-TOM DOUGHERTY President and CEO, Healthcare Innovators

I have been using the OSHPD data for years to analyze patient discharges for strategic planning and market comparisons. SpeedTrack’s CUPID application provides the ability to explore and discover answers in minutes instead of hours or in some cases days. Additionally, the application offers: access to ER and ASC information (not just inpatient data), and the flexibility to create your own product lines, it’s user-friendly, and it’s usable as soon as the new OSHPD data is available with no waiting or programming required.

-SUDHA SOMASUNDARAM Senior Analyst, Scripps Health

The SpeedTrack product allows HASD&IC to rapidly respond to community requests for public information about the hospitals and healthcare systems in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Our ability to inform our association members on trends and outcomes using aggregated data from SpeedTrack is a valued service.


Health care is behind other industries in the adoption of decision support technology. SpeedTrack provides a comprehensive view of data combined with an easy to use interface that promotes exploration and information discovery at a fraction of the time and cost of other software solutions. Tri-City Medical Center and SpeedTrack have forged a partnership that brings the need for data driven decisions together with cutting edge technology to provide cost effective delivery of care with improved patient outcomes.

-CASEY FATCH COO, Tri-City Medical Center


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